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Ken's Pro Shop is now located in Calumet City, Il, at 1652 Sibley Boulevard. Our new phone number is 708.868.2695.                           For More Info Click Here!

We are dedicated to the sport of bowling and with providing our customers with the best services and pro shop experiences that we can provide. This dedication from our staff gives us a good chance to achieve our goal to provide the best pro shop services in the industry.

We are a full service, IBPSIA Technically Certified Bowling Pro Shop dedicated to helping you become a better bowler. Please review our CREDENTIALS and then you can decide if we are the pro shop for you.


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At Ken's Pro Shops, we provide our customers with a full array of customer oriented services designed to help improve your bowling experience as well as to maintain and prolong the life of your bowling equipment. For example...

We use IBPSIA approved fitting techniques and equipment to fit you to your bowling ball. Using these techniques assures a proper fit and will help you improve your grip and release thus improving your game.

We have a fitting guarantee on the fitting and drilling services we provide. This guarantee is for the life of the fitted / drilled bowling ball whether purchased at KPS or not! If you need adjustments to your current equipment or would like to get your fitting and/or equipment evaluated, please stop by one of our conveniently located pro shops.

We use the Jayhawk Tri-Oval Milling machine with digital scales to professionally drill and/or adjust your bowling ball. Using digital scales allows us to accurately drill your bowling ball down to one-thousandth of an inch. This assures a proper fit of your bowling ball thus a better release.

Oil buildup in your bowling ball will cause your bowling ball to gradually lose performance. We provide oil extraction services to extract the oil buildup from your ball which will restore 99% of its original performance. The Revivor Oil Extraction System from Innovative Bowling Supply is recognized as the BEST oil extraction system on the market and we use this system to extract the oil buildup from your ball.

To return your ball to the factory finish, or a finish of your choosing, we use the Jayhawk Cook Sphere Resurfacing System to refinish or resurface your bowling ball.  We use Abralon, Abranet, and the new Siaair Micro Pad during the finishing process.

Finally, we have been recognized by industry observers as one of the best pro shops in the industry and we encourage you to stop by to see for your self!

Thank you,

Ken Horvath, Owner

Columbia 300 Pro Shop Staff